sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

By Clarissa -

Who said that beauty has nothing to do with ancient stuff? The Itacoatiaras are really beautiful.

By Heloísa

This picture summarizes everything!!!

by Leonardo Cardoso -

I could figure out cave man communication after observing that.

By Gabriel -

It looks like an Oasis. Don´t you think?

By Maria Luiza

It was good to see this tree because the name of the town comes from it.

By Brenno -

It was surprising to see that! and I got even more interested in dinosaurs.

by Leonardo Lima -

Along the way, important marks left by the ancestors.

by Daniel

During the tour if you get tired, you can rest by the stream and enjoy this nice view.

by Milena -

This was the one I liked most because it shows the way to Ingá Stone and that way was opened long time ago...