sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

By Brenno -

It was surprising to see that! and I got even more interested in dinosaurs.

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  1. I am a student of 5th and enjoy this photo because I like dinosaurs.
    My name is Leo Lima

  2. Hi Brenno I chose this picture because I like dinosaurs and fósseis.MY BLOG IS:

  3. wooow, looks like an alien's skeleton.

    gaby e Igor.

  4. WOW, so nice little guy, you have a future ! Congratulations :DDDDDDDDD
    by: Meg, Mila e Amadeu

  5. Heck, even had these things dinosaur? In Catimbau not seen it, how nice! And Brenno, I think I'd be surprised too!

  6. I hope the journey you have been as cool as ours. and have learned a lot too.
    By Pedro Luiz:)

  7. also hope that you have acid trip very funny and nice and made us what you have learned as much as us.
    By Gabriel

  8. How many billion years has this schtick?
    Agent has not seen a 'schtick' that there Catimbau
    what sort of you.

    By: Clara, Lari, Luana and Mari.