sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

by Milena -

This was the one I liked most because it shows the way to Ingá Stone and that way was opened long time ago...

7 comentários:

  1. It should be very interesting, because of the history, the view and the learning!

  2. that more beautiful place, I hope to meet soon Ingá!

  3. WOW, really, really good, Ingá looks like a good place! By: Amadeu, Meeg e Mila
    p.s.: continue this blog cause is very nice!!!

  4. I love hiking, walking, so I was curious to visit the Stone of Inga. How is it there?

  5. I hope the journey you have been as cool as ours. and have learned a lot too.
    By Pedro Luiz:)

  6. I also hope that you have acid trip very funny and nice and made us what you have learned as much as us.
    By Gabriel

  7. The blog of yours is very good!
    Last photo, but not the least!
    Congratulations to all students and teachers who did this work.
    Keep up the blog, is great.

    By: Clara, Lari, Luana and Mari.