sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

by Leonardo Lima -

Along the way, important marks left by the ancestors.

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  1. Beautiful stone!Beautiful View!Beautiful All!
    It's very interessant!!!

  2. wonderful, really, it's so good ! ;)Sure, he is my son .q by: Meeg

    So good! but I think...ok, i'm just kiding!! the photo is very beautiful! by:Milaa

    This photo is very interesting cause it show the true beauty of this place, Ingá. But i want to know if this class traveled only to Ingá- By Amadeu :)

  3. wow, this picture is so perfect.
    By: Artur e Giovanna, (;

  4. This place is very beautiful, different from Catimbau,that doesn´t have vegetation green

  5. Wow, I love visiting places that were already inhabited by our ancestors, I find so exciting just to know that there already lived and so many things with the prehistoric ... now I really want to visit Inga;)

  6. I hope the journey you have been as cool as ours. and have learned a lot too.
    By Pedro Luiz:)

  7. hello, your blog is perfect and very interesting!
    - Tati.

    wow, this very good blog, congratulations on the excellent work:)
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. also hope that you have acid trip very funny and nice and made us what you have learned as much as us.
    By Gabriel

  9. Oh MY GOD!
    people, how beautiful! fell apart here! HUASHAUSHUAH '
    Oh we have ta repeat wanting to go there! HAUSHAUHSUAHAS
    pretty much the same

    By: Clara, Lari, Luana and Mari.