sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

By Clarissa -

Who said that beauty has nothing to do with ancient stuff? The Itacoatiaras are really beautiful.

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  1. Strange engravings on a wall, I bet it takes one month to make a circle.

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  4. You're right, this picture it's really beautiful!!!
    It's amazin that old things are really wonderful.
    Congratilations for the photo!

    Kisses Gaby and Igor!

  5. GOD! this is amazing, i'm really surprised with this, my god. you are so lucky you can see that.
    By: Artur e Giovanna, (;

  6. what is this???????
    A) a woman
    B) an animal
    C) an alien

    Give an answer !!!!
    By:Amadeu, Meg e Mila

  7. this is very beautiful,but, what is it? - Soares

  8. Indeed they are very beautiful! I loved the photo of you is the blog of congratulations, kisses!

  9. What it is that has drawn?
    It is beautiful, even as a stone.

    By: Clara, Larissa, Luana e Mariana.

  10. I hope the journey you have been as cool as ours. and have learned a lot too.
    By Pedro Luiz:)

  11. also hope that you have acid trip very funny and nice and made us what you have learned as much as us.
    By Gabriel

  12. Very interesting, Clarissa. In Catimbau we also saw beautiful paintings, but these quite different.
    But what does this design? or at least what you thought it was when they got there? Kisses, Bruna,Gerlucy, Emília and Júlia Lyra

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